I believe integrity and transparency are an important part of working with medicines like Kambô. It's a privilege and big responsibility for any outsider to receive and share this ancestral Indigenous knowledge - by doing this you become the guardian not only of the medicine but also the sacred animal and the people that protect it and kindly share it with us. It's very important this exchange is fair. 

For this reason I price my work according to how much the community receives for the medicine directly from us - often sustainability is claimed but there's no way of tracing where the medicine is actually from.

My ceremonies are priced lower than average for the level of my study and experience to make it accessible to all and to offer this service in fairness in reciprocity. Any additional donations are always very welcome if you are more abundant. ☺


Held at the Sacred Forest studio space in Central Glasgow, 2-3 hrs. 
£90  / £30 non-refundable deposit required 



For two or more people. Held at the Sacred Forest studio space in Central Glasgow, 3 - 5 hrs.
£70  / £30 non-refundable deposit required 


I also offer home visits, private ceremonial work, coaching,
integration and workshops -  please get in touch if you'd like to know more.