Love Amazonia is a project started by Dr Verónica Castro and Maya Medvesek supporting Indigenous communities and artists from the Brazilian rainforest affected by the COVID19 pandemic, illegal deforestation, industrial farming, oil exploration, mining and unlawful occupation of their ancestral territories. In 2020 we launched a very successful charity compilation bringing together electronic artists from around the world that allowed us to supply craft materials to Amazonian artisans and open our non-profit shop to showcase and sell their crafts. 

Our shop aims to help Huni Kuin (Kaxinawá) artists from the village Nova Fortaleza, in the state of Acre feed their families and continue making their art. The Indigenous artisans receive all the proceeds from the shop and more glass beads for them to continue creating this magical ceremonial jewellery. All of the pieces are one of a kind and reflect the creativity and magical spirit of the forest. They have come from the deep Amazonian forest on canoes, planes and automobiles to arrive in your hands. ALL the money goes back to the village.
We thank the Indigenous people for opening their hearts to us and for sharing their sacred ancestral knowledge. We stand in solidarity and support their fight for the future of our forests and humanity.




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