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Welcome to Sacred Forest Healing, a cozy sanctuary in the heart of Glasgow, a safe space to let go of everyday stresses and experience the healing magic of the Amazon rainforest. 


My name is Maya, I'm a holistic therapist and Kambô practitioner. Most people know me as a touring DJ and music producer but I've been on a healing path for the last 20 years years pursuing my love of knowledge and passion for all life's mysteries, spiritual development and plant medicines. 

  In 2008 I graduated with a BSc in Complementary Approaches to Health at University of West London, which covered advanced studies of body work, pathophysiology, body energetics and diagnostics as well as counselling skills, hypnotherapy and integration. I'm also extensively trained in various naturopathic modalities and a big believer in looking at health, disease and wellness holistically, treating all aspects of our being and focusing on prevention rather than cure. I work with a wide range of clients but am particularly passionate about women's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and addressing the root of the issue. Very often, the healing of these issues is trauma / suppressed emotion informed and for this reason safety, integrity and confidentiality are paramount. I have an individually tailored approach, offer one to one or group circle work and will be available for integration after your session. 


  In the last four years I connected deeply with plant medicines and music of the Amazon, sitting in traditional ceremonies with Indigenous people and guardians of the rainforest such as the Huni Kuin and the Yawanawá. Through this profound inner work I continue to learn about myself, nature and these beautiful sacred ancient traditions. It is extremely important to me that we honour, support and protect the Indigenous people, avoid exploitation and appropriation and this is present in all my work as a practitioner.

  In my practice I work with traditional Indigenous Earth medicines of Kambô, rapé (hape), sananga, ceremonial cacao and sound. I've served over 100 people since the end of my apprenticeship in 2020.


  I only use ethically and fairly traded tools and with my dear friend and anthropologist Dr Verónica Castro manage 'Love Amazonia', a project through which we fundraise, sell arts and crafts and directly support the Huni Kuin in Brazilian Amazon. My work is priced according to how we trade with the tribe and what we give back - I  believe that's the right way to serve these medicines. 


 It's an immense gift and joy for me to be able to do this work and I'll be delighted to offer any assistance on your path. I look forward to connecting with you! 


BSc Complementary Approaches To Health

Massage Therapy

Advanced Aromatherapy

Advanced Reflexology


Non-medical Herbalism 

Nutritional Advice & Stress Management

Reiki 1

Pachakuti Mesa Shamanic Practitioner

Member Federation of Holistic Therapists