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While there are certain things to avoid and practical aspects to adhere to in the time leading up to ceremony, there are also things to reflect upon and contemplate.

What are your intentions for the session? What are you looking to release, do the reasons you’re coming to ceremony revolve around the physical, emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual issues? The frog is incredibly intuitive and a great revealer and it often finds deep unprocessed issues, stagnant energy, blockages and of course works thoroughly on our physical body. 

Kambô can be a very intense experience and it's often referred to as an 'ordeal' or 'warrior' medicine but you've already done half of the work by having the courage and commitment to sit and make a change. Meeting the frog can be a beautiful initiation and a blessing. Before our ceremony I will go through a detailed consultation and discuss the preparation in detail!

       KAMBÔ PREP:

  • Do not drink large amounts of water or fluid on the morning of your Kambô treatment. 

  • Do not attempt any sort of water or dry fast 7 days before/after Kambô.

  • Do not begin any colonics, enemas, water based detox, liver flushes, or sweat lodge 3 days before/after Kambô.

  • Do not take recreational drugs or drink alcohol 24-48 hours before/after Kambô. 

  • Do not eat any food 8 - 10  hours before Kambô. It’s important to fast immediately prior to a Kambô treatment to ensure the stomach is empty.

  • Do not drink coffee or tea on the morning of your treatment. Caffeine stimulates the system.

  • Remove tight, restrictive jewellery before your Kambô treatment and bring a hair tie if your hair is long

  • It may be best to make little to no plans for the remainder of your day after your treatment. You may need to rest and recuperate.

  • You can drink herbal tea on the morning of your Kambô treatment and sip on small amounts of water but please don't add honey. This can disturb your electrolyte balance.

  • Do not consume distilled water in the 2 days leading up to your treatment.

  • (You will be required to drink approx 2L of water 10-15 minutes immediately before your Kambô is applied, as part of the purging process. This is why it’s important to avoid drinking excessive water beforehand, thus avoiding an electrolyte imbalance, which could potentially lead to hyponatremia ie dangerously low sodium levels)

If you are unsure about any of the preparation protocols, or have questions or concerns, please get in touch and ask prior to the ceremony.

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