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What happens during a group or individual Kambô Ceremony?

We will start our session with an informal relaxing chat and I will explain everything in detail. Occasionally I may also offer other helper tools like Sananga eye drops, reiki or short shamanic journey. I do not serve Rapé (Hapé) alongside Kambô - in the Indigenous tradition I follow these medicines are not offered together. 

To administer the Kambô, the dried frog secretion is reconstituted into "dots" using water. Small and quick superficial burns are lightly made on the skin with a special technique and the top layer is scraped off, revealing the "gates" into the bodies lymphatic system. In most cases we will start with one "test dot" to see how your body reacts and to give you a gentle introduction with the frog. Quite a few people have referred to this experience as a "warm hug"!


After that we will make some additional points and you'll be required to drink approximately 1.5 - 2l of water in the space of 15 minutes. The liquid is very important and helps to push out the physical and energetic byproduct released by the body. For this purpose, Indigenous people use 'caiçuma' (cassava water) which is the safest way to serve and I will be very happy to offer this authentic experience for you if you wish and in some cases it will be mandatory.

The secretion is then applied onto these points and rapidly stars spreading throughout the body causing changes in temperature, blood pressure and much more. Heat and flushing of the skin is the first thing most people feel, an increased heart rate as well as pressure in the head and upper body. As the frog continues to circulate the body people may experience slight swelling, dizziness, shaking, trembling, tingling, sweating, nausea, pain, a general bodily discomfort and very rarely fainting. Sensations are somewhat intense and uncomfortable and while they come on fast they’re short lived, usually passing within 20 – 40 minutes. The famous purge can happen in that time frame and it varies from person to person however some people purge in other ways or don't purge at all. You are still receiving deep benefits even if you don't fill your bucket on that particular day. 

The goal of the ceremony is to sit with the frog and surrender to however it chooses to work with you - not to focus on the purge!

Many people worry about 'toilet accidents' - don't worry, you will be able to go to the bathroom safely if you need to!

There are no guarantees in what one may experience in a session, with people occasionally reporting deep states of calm meditation, alongside feelings of euphoria and bliss. After this process, people generally feel energised or completely exhausted. Regardless, it’s recommended to rest so the full healing potential of Kambô can take effect. The experience is NOT psychoactive or psychedelic.

In the days after the ceremony people often feel calm, clear, rejuvenated and energised. It's always possible you may feel a bit worse in the following days, this is why integration is very important. Very rarely people with poor health, lifestyle or underlying unknown conditions (viral or bacterial for example) might experience a short term detoxification, also known as "healing crisis"in the days following their treatment as the body clears out large amounts of toxins released by dead pathogens.

I will let you know if this is likely to occur after your consultation and suggest an adapted autoimmunity protocol and aftercare!

Keep in mind that if you’re or unknowingly carrying a dormant illness, it’s possible for the symptoms to bubble up to the surface, so that Kambô can continue to do its work, clearing out whatever needs to be removed from the system.

The beauty of Kambô is that it's a heart modality and has the energetic effect of bringing the recipient back to alignment and back to their happy true self. Viva Kambô!

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